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giantkone has always been committed to provide high quality solutions for urban passenger flow. from full-range customized products to the world-class elevator and escalator research ,development, manufacturing, installation, maintenance technology, and to the diversified visual design, we strive to provide our customers with new experience.

product model:

gvn11 home lift

gvn11 home lift is a machine room-less home elevator developed to meet the needs of middle and high-end villas/townhouses/duplex apartments in china. adhering to the concept of safety, technology and humanity, gvn11 home lift brings convenience and comfort to every family, the convenient we can provide to you will highlight your honor and enhance the value.

product parameters

product modelspeed(m/s)

load capacity(kg)

maximum travel(m)maximum number of landings
gvn11 0.4 320/400 12 6

product features


space freedom

  • save machine room space and reduce overhead height
  • the best in class low pit depth

green and environment-friendly

  • single-phase 220v power supply reduce the application barrier
  • home elevator daily energy consumption is less than refrigerator

human friendly

  • applicable for single-phase 220v power supply reduce the application barrier
  • outdoor rescue device can be easily used for rescue in case of emergency (optional)
  • automatic land to the nearest floor and open the door in case of power failure
  • reduced maintenance time for user convenience

advanced technology

  • standard equipped with emergency backup power supply, trouble-free upon blackouts

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