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giantkone has always been committed to provide high quality solutions for urban passenger flow. from full-range customized products to the world-class elevator and escalator research ,development, manufacturing, installation, maintenance technology, and to the diversified visual design, we strive to provide our customers with new experience.

gps73k small machine room passenger elevator

gps73k is a leading high-speed elevator product in the industry, applying kone's high-speed elevator technology platform and use kone eco-disc machine. with reliable performance, it is an ideal solution for passenger transport in high-end buildings.

product parameters

product modelspeed(m/s)load capacity(kg)maximum travel(m)maximum number of landings
gps73k 3.5 1000/1275/1350/1600/1800 180 63
4.0 1000/1275/1350/1600/1800/2000 210 126
5.0 250
6.0 300

product features


world-leading technology

  • kone global safety and quality standards
  • fully apply kone's high-speed elevator technology platform and use kone eco-disc machine

quality passenger flow experience

  • world's top intelligent group control system with self-learning function and monitoring system
  • low motor speed significantly reduces noise
  • vf drive ensures perfect acceleration/deceleration curve during operation and reasonable driving time between landings, with higher landing accuracy

improve passenger satisfaction

  • the coordination of kone permanent magnet synchronous eco-disc machine and vector control drive system with energy regeneration function can achieve the highest overall energy efficiency while minimizing mechanical and electrical energy wasting
  • compact design, space-saving

awarded decoration design

  • dozens of pre-design car decoration schemes carefully created by kone’s award-winning professional design team that combine functions and visual appeal
  • free combination with more than 100 different materials and accessories

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