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giantkone has always been committed to provide high quality solutions for urban passenger flow. from full-range customized products to the world-class elevator and escalator research ,development, manufacturing, installation, maintenance technology, and to the diversified visual design, we strive to provide our customers with new experience.

gpn65 machine room-less passenger elevator

in 1996, kone created the world's first machine room-less elevator in the market and pioneered the application of machine room-less technology that is by far the most advanced technology in the industry. gpn65 is a machine room-less passenger elevator developed by giantkone. carrying forward kone’s machine room-less technology, it is designed specifically for the low and mid-rise buildings on china market.

product parameters


product modelspeed(m/s)load capacity(kg)maximum number of landingsmaximum travel(m)
gpn65km 1.0 800/1000/1050/1150/1250/1350/1600 18 55
1.6 28 75
1.75 28 75
2.0 36 110


product modelspeed(m/s)load capacity(kg)maximum number of landingsmaximum travel(m)
gpn65 1.0 400/630/800/1000/1050/1150/1250/1350/1600 18 55
1.6 630/800/1000/1050/1150/1250/1350/1600 28 80
1.75 630/800/1000/1050/1150/1250/1350/1600 28 80

product features


excellent technology

  • equipped with a disc motor jointly developed with kone, unique axial magnetic field and ultra-thin design, providing more design space to architects.
  • intelligent control system that protects the whole ride like a “star-rated bodyguard”.

  • scaffold-free installation process, safer and more reliable, time-saving and highly efficient.


safety and comfort

  • product development, production, and use strictly abide by kone's global safety standards.

  • adopt multiple patented technologies, vector transformation technology, car displacement monitoring technology with a precision up to millimeter level, double vibration absorption function, etc.


green and energy-saving

  • permanent magnet synchronous gearless technology with high efficiency and low consumption.
  • optional functions for further energy conservation.

decoration aesthetics

  • craftsmanship, materials, and structure with artistic presentation.

  • a variety of personalized decoration options offered to meet the different needs of customers.

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