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gvn11 home lift

gvn11 home lift is a machine room-less home elevator developed to meet the needs of middle and high-end villas/townhouses/duplex apartments in china. adhering to the concept of safety, technology and humanity, gvn11 home lift brings convenience and comfort to every family, the convenient we can provide to you will highlight your honor and enhance the value.



gfs25/gf21 freight lift, ga21 auto elevator

full computer elevator control system, door transmission mechanism with excellent performance and high-strength car design make it easy to handle any complicated working conditions. applicable to factories, production lines, warehouses, shopping malls, shopping centers, exhibition halls and other places.



gps35, gps35s small machine room passenger elevator

the brand new gps35 carries forward kone’s exquisite design and advanced technology; the modern design is a feast for the eyes; the cutting-edge gm9 motor technology combines power and stability; the advanced absolute positioning system can be equipped to bring precision operation to a new level.



gps53k / gps53e
small machine room elevator

gps53k/gps53e is equipped with an intelligent control system, comprehensive technical specifications, diversified decorative components, unique vibration and noise reduction technology, etc., dedicated to meeting the needs of mid and high-rise residential、hotel and commercial buildings on china market.



gpn65 machine room-less passenger elevator

in 1996, kone created the world's first machine room-less elevator in the market and pioneered the application of machine room-less technology that is by far the most advanced technology in the industry. gpn65 is a machine room-less passenger elevator developed by giantkone. carrying forward kone’s machine room-less technology, it is designed specifically for the low and mid-rise buildings on china market.



small machine room passenger elevator

gps73k is a leading high-speed elevator product in the industry, applying kone's high-speed elevator technology platform and use kone eco-disc machine. with reliable performance, it is an ideal solution for passenger transport in high-end buildings.

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