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safety week 2021 | deliver the best with heart, and safety is more than what is seen

released on:2021-05-21

so far, the safety week activities have been carried out for ten years. on may 17, the annual kone safety week officially kicked off. giantkone frontline and supply line partners actively participated in this event and conducted a series of safety week activities.

jason ai, md of giantkone, shared a safety message via video on the launch day of the safety week, and said: “i hope that the diversified activities of safety week can enhance engagement, build team cohesion, and improve work processes, thereby strengthening the construction and implementation of safety culture and effectively promoting the accomplishment of the safety goal of ‘zero accident’”.

from may 17 to 21, shanghai operations headquarters, nanxun supply line and frontline branches organized a series of safety activities successively, focusing on encouraging safe behaviors, including “be safe”, “feel safe” and other activities.

“be safe” is the focus and persistence of giantkone on basic safety, including ppe wear activities, site safety inspections, safety training, firefighting training and other content.“feel safe” focuses on psychology, team building and csr so that safety awareness can be deeply rooted in people’s hearts through safety-themed team building activities, food culture, etc. in addition to various internal safety activities, we also carry out safety promotion and safe elevator ride propaganda during the safety week so that “safety” awareness can be deeply rooted in communities and schools and everyone can have a deeper understanding that safety is no trivial matter.

safety week 2021 has come to an end, but the importance of safety will always be kept in our mind. safety is the foundation of a better life; elevator is a link that connects people. safety should be valued not only in the safety week that comes as scheduled every year, but also in every moment of life. we have always had safety imprinted on our dna, committed to deliver the best that life can offer.


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