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great start in the year of the ox | carrying forward the business culture of elephant & cattle, giantkone won multiple important awards again

released on:2021-02-20

on february 18, giantkone officially commenced construction, opening a new chapter in the year of the ox. as the leader in the elevator industry in nanxun district, giantkone won the 2020 huzhou “golden bull award”, “major taxpayer” in huzhou, nanxun district “new elephant award”, “top taxpayer” in nanxun district, and “2nd runner-up in scale” again. the modern confucian merchants symbolized by “four elephants, eight cattle and seventy-two gold dogs” in nanxun, huzhou has a huge influence in china. giantkone has led by example in inheriting, developing, and innovating the cultural spirit of “elephant & cattle”. behind every honor is the unremitting effort of giantkone to keep up with the times, persist in innovation, stick to industry, and implement intelligent manufacturing.

on the morning of february 19, the mobilization meeting for the “three services” (serve development, service decision-making, serve implementation) and “five battles” (battle for deeper reform and more breakthroughs, battle for stronger industry, battle for a more beautiful city and higher standards, battle for openness and integration, and battle for risk prevention and control) was held for creating new prospects in huzhou. giantkone won the 2020 huzhou “golden bull award” and “major taxpayer” for its outstanding performance.

on the morning of february 20, the district industrial economy high-quality development conference and the “most beautiful nanxun people” of the year 2020 series role model summary and commendation conference were grandly held. giantkone won the 2020 “new elephant award” in nanxun district as a top taxpayer, the 9th consecutive year that it has been awarded the honorary title of “new elephant” enterprise.

giantkone has grown rapidly with the vigorous support of local party and government departments at all levels and the care of people from all walks of life. it has been ranked first in the taxpayer list of industrial enterprises in nanxun district, huzhou for many consecutive years, demonstrating its great strength and commitment to corporate social responsibility (csr). dedicated to practical actions, giantkone spares no effort in contributing to local economic prosperity and social development.

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