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fight · share · transcend | giantkone annual conference 2021 defined the future by transcendence

released on:2021-01-08

from january 7 to 9, giantkone annual conference 2021 with the theme of “fight·share·transcend” was grandly held in sanya, hainan. more than 300 partners from all over the country were invited to this grand event to review the industry trends based on corporate heritage, transcend prior achievements, and define a better future together.

after fifteen years of rapid development, giantkone is now in its prime. imagination is the only limit to what we can achieve, and giantkone is committed to transcending prior achievements and defining the future with our strength. on the morning of january 8, giantkone shared the past time fighting together with partners to gain infinite possibilities through the collision and exchange of great ideas and concepts. the conference included three sessions: “fight”, “share” and “transcend”, reviewing the past fifteen years of fighting and hard work, demonstrating strength and performance through sharing, and looking forward to a new chapter in the future by transcendence.

through thick and thin, we witness the glory together. at the award ceremony, to appreciate and commend the partners for their continuous development, great contributions, and extraordinary achievements in the past year, giantkone issued the “rookie award”, “golden lion award”, “special contribution award for strategic customer”, “golden elephant award”, and other awards successively.

this time, everyone was impressed by the enthusiasm of sanya upon registration, reviewed their struggle and growth at the conference, sweated and smiled in the team building, and enjoyed the quality time at the dinner party. each step has its unique significance, and each journey has a story behind. looking through the last fifteen years, we pay an ode to our friendship in the past and look forward to the future together.

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