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a little spark kindles a great fire | giantkone 2020 “craftsman cup” successfully held

released on:2020-11-02

from october 29 to 30, giantkone 2020 “craftsman cup” skills competition was grandly held in nanchang, jiangxi province. the competition was sponsored by giantkone trade union and co-organized by jiangxi branch. more than 50 skilled talents from giantkone headquarters and over 30 branches, cooperative colleges, and institutions participated in the competition. force five passes and slaying six captains, they came to the “arena” full of confidence from across the country to showcase their extraordinary skills. this is a gathering of the most skilled, but more importantly, an inheritance of ingenuity.

the “craftsman cup” skills competition items include elevator maintenance skills, elevator inspection skills, escalator inspection skills, elevator repair skills, and theoretical knowledge. through the dual test of theory and practice, a group of skilled technicians with exquisite craftsmanship stand out.

the competition in practical operation officially started after the chief judge and the representative of contestants took the oath. ready to fight, the contestants went all out to present their best performance. they cherished the great opportunity of the skills competition and fully engaged in the elevator and escalator competitions. within the specified time, they inspected and repaired the preset faulty elevators/escalators in a highly organized manner and completed all competition contents according to the requirements of the assignment. during the competition, the contestants also actively learned from the advanced, identified the gap, and made up for the weaknesses, demonstrating a distinct style and high level of the competition.

in giantkone 2020 “craftsman cup” skills competition, many technical backbones with exquisite skills, strong capabilities, and high quality stood out. in addition to its competitive function, holding skills competition is also an important way to carry forward the spirit of ownership, foster the enthusiasm of front-line staff to hone skills and techniques, and boost the inheritance of ingenuity in the enterprise.

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