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giantkone and partners gather together to accumulate potential and create new momentum

released on:2020-10-23

september–october 2020

giantkone partner sharing exchange 2020

invited nearly 300 partners from across the country

in hefei, shijiazhuang, changsha, and chongqing

to learn together, accumulate potential, and create new momentum

giantkone 2020 partner sharing exchange covers the latest products, policies, and tools, as well as the advanced installation service concept of the company. with the goal of sharing and progress, the company listened to the voice at the front line and invited branches and partners to share their experiences in bidding projects, focusing on improving practical competence.

in-depth sharing to enhance empowerment

at the sharing exchange, the review of giantkone's key achievements and outstanding performance in the first three quarters inspired all participants. these accomplishments can never be achieved without the joint support and efforts of giantkone's partners all over the country. with the concerted efforts of giantkone personnel and partners, we march forward bravely, fearing no challenge.

on the path of growth, giantkone has always insisted on making every effort to meet the needs of partners. through accurate sharing at this event, giantkone prepared many useful materials with excellent content to give full play to the strengths from the practical perspective and enhance empowerment.

listen to each other and create new momentum

all along, giantkone has highly valued the ideas of partners and regarded listening to their voice as an essential source and basis for the continuous optimization of products and policies. at the sharing meeting, the group discussion on crucial topics triggered active communication among the partners, who expressed their opinions and gave suggestions enthusiastically. in the online quiz session with prizes, the partners accumulated experiences in review, a great opportunity to learn from the past.

as the autumn is getting thicker, giantkone 2020 partner sharing exchange has temporarily come to an end. in addition to the warm gathering and emotional blending, the sharing exchange across the country is also very fruitful. partners’ further understanding of products, tools, policies, and concepts of giantkone, like a booster, will drive the rapid growth of the company.

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