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pool the glimmers of light, giantkone pioneers fight “pandemic” with indomitable will

released on:2020-08-27

at the beginning of 2020, the battle against covid-10 started in the whole country. optimistic, responsible, and customer-first, all giantkone people have served as urban guardians and made a due contribution to the regular operation of the city. during this period, many moving deeds of anti-covid-19 pioneers emerged. they fought the “pandemic” with an indomitable will, warming the world with love and hard work, lighting up the darkness with hope and courage.

tribute to giantkone pioneers against the pandemic:

“in retrospect, the most unforgettable was that there were many confirmed cases in huanggang community where i lived. i missed my family and my daughter very much at that time.”

—yan zhanwei, giantkone hubei branch

thank you,zhanwei. with a piece of news about the lockdown of the city, the horn of your battle against covid-19 in huanggang was sounded. you did know the concerns of your family, and you were worried about the risk of the pandemic. however, it was your original desire and responsibility to ensure customer service and protect the reputation of the company. in a severe shortage of personnel, you stuck to your post alone for more than 2 months. you fulfilled your mission with dedication and overcame all difficulties with great love!

“i will never forget about the spirit of the branch team working together to overcome the difficulties. i just shoulder my due responsibility. there are many such unsung heroes around me. it is our concerted effort that made the pandemic rounding the corner in the near future.”

—zhao lei, giantkone xinjiang branch

thank you, lei. when the pandemic was raging, it was your wish to protect the safety and health of everyone. in the front-line race against the pandemic situation, you helped transport and distribute pandemic prevention supplies with passion at high speed, silently guarding the safety of colleagues so that they could go home safely each and every day. due to the resurgence of the pandemic in xinjiang, you cannot come to the scene to accept the commendation. however, pure gold proves its worth in a blazing fire; true heroes are discovered at times of difficulty. you are a superhero in the eyes of colleagues!

“when the pandemic situation was unclear, there was huge pressure on us. led by the management of the company, we participated in the establishment of the work resumption system and assumed the task of examining external personnel and employees before they entered the factory.”

——pan hongli, giantkone supply line

thank you, hongli. in the battle against covid-19 at the giantkone supply line, you have never been absent or relaxed. your hard-working figure was seen at every corner of the factory. you are the first line of defense for building the supply line in the fight against the pandemic. behind thousands of body temperature measurements, covid-19 tests, screening, and a series of seemingly ordinary work was your persistence as always.

thank you, all the unsung heroes behind the scenes!

every little thing is a glimmer of light. every effort is made with hope. we pay tribute to every ordinary person doing extraordinary things with courage, persisting in defeating the pandemic with practical actions, making joint efforts to usher in a beautiful future as expected.

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