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a brand new future ahead | giantkone debut at the world elevator & escalator expo 2020

released on:2020-08-21

from august 18 to 21, giantkone and kone jointly debut at the world elevator & escalator expo 2020 to expand the dimension of science and technology, inspire creativity, and demonstrate the perfect integration of elevator technology and lifestyle.

the stable and comfortable car environment and elevator space with unlimited innovation make the interaction between people and elevator more intuitive and convenient, offering the future elevator today with profound strength.

highly integrated microcomputer network control system

gm series motors that have won the german red dot design award

iot-assisted smart travel and transportation


excellent performance and innovative technology that

allow the perfect integration of good enjoyment and intelligent experience.

customer care with customer response at all times.

customized maintenance solutions for considerate protection of future technology.

just as people have never stopped exploring the unknown boundary, giantkone has never stopped its creativity for future travel and urban development.

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