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2020 safety week | adherence as always to release the positive energy of safety

released on:2020-06-05

from june 1 to june 5, the annual safety week kicked off as scheduled. in the safety week this year, giantkone focused on “being safe”, “feeling safe”, “customer and end user safety”, and carried out a series of in-depth and meaningful activities around the three aspects.

being safe:

“being safe” is giantkone’s focus and adherence to safety foundation, which covers work safety, occupational health and safety, travel safety, reviewing and implementing safety knowledge and principles. start with details and make unremitting efforts to be safe.

through more than ten activities such as ppe wearing competition, site safety inspection, safety training, fire training, and escape drill, the concept of being safe is thoroughly implemented in every little detail to protect the safety of staff, partners, and passengers.

feeling safe:

safety comes not only from practice but also from the bottom of the heart. with safety rooted in the heart of everyone spontaneously, “feeling safe” in the safety week focuses on psychological and social responsibility. through a wide range of diversified activities, it creates a safe and healthy working environment for employees and encourages them to work together, fully leverage their strengths, and create value jointly.

caring for staff mental health and enhancing social responsibility, giantkone is responsible not only for every employee and the enterprise but also for every elevator carrying life and beauty in the city.

customer and end user safety:

for such a huge project as safety, giantkone has always started with details to make continuous improvement. for a long time, giantkone has adhered to the concept of “service mindset, sincerity besides honesty”, delighting customers, and continually innovating in pursuit of excellence and win-win cooperation. we must and will improve elevator safety in all aspects.

during the safety week, various safety promotion activities, education, training, and elevator safety publicity are carried out to ensure that users can use elevators safely and that every elevator/escalator can run “healthy” in their life cycles.

giantkone people focus on safety with action, pass the safety concept to every elevator user, spread the positive energy of safety with practice, and make unremitting efforts to protect the safety of elevators.

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