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giantkone wins 2020 red dot award for outstanding design

released on:2020-05-07


recently, the results of the 2020 red dot design award were revealed in germany.  it gives us great pleasure to announce that giantkone gm series received its 2020 red dot award for outstanding product design in the category of industrial equipment, machinery and automation.

“the giantkone r&d team and kone design team have developed a great spirit of community and found new ways to drive creative innovation. the red dot award clearly shows that this cooperation is bearing fruit. i want to thank both teams for their excellent work”, says visa rauta, head of kone design at kone corporation.

giantkone gm series motors are tailored by kone design teams and giantkone r&d team to offer outstanding value in china, the world’s most important construction market. the teams have made efforts to develop and improve products constantly based on customers’ needs.

· the gm series motors are easy to recognize by their octagonal shape. not only beautiful to look at, but also has excellent functionality and practicability.

· their dual support structure provides optimal vibration dampening and bearing wear resistance.the motors are extremely lightweight and easy to install.

· their adjustable brakes are designed for best-in-class ride comfort and unparalleled safety.


the gm series consists of four gearless electric motors, gm6, gm8, gm9 and gm10, all optimized for lowest power consumption and best efficiency. at present, gm series motors have been widely used in the giantkone small machine room passenger elevators and machine room-less passenger elevators and achieved excellent market response. giantkone's new products are equipped with the gm series motors in this year.

gps35 small machine room passenger elevator:

· gps35 small machine room passenger elevator adopts the cutting-edge gm9 motor technology to ensure sufficient power and stability. it’s energy-saving and effective, and its lightweight design is easy to install;

· the ground-breaking absolute positioning system improves accurate operation to a new level.

· modern appearance design is pleasing to the eye and a variety of personalized decoration options are able to meet customers’ different needs.

gpn65 machine room-less passenger elevator:

· the giantkone gpn65 is equipped with disc motor (gm6/gm8/gm10). it is specially developed for machine room-less passenger elevators in low and mid-rise buildings of china.

· unique axial magnetic field and ultra-thin design gives architects more free design space;

· scaffold-free installation process, safer and more reliable, time-saving and highly efficient.


all the time, giantkone has always adhered to developing increasingly high-quality products. every detail of its products embodies designers’ painstaking efforts and highlights their dedication to innovation. kone’s products and solutions have won the red dot award many times, demonstrating their great innovation strength and promising development. looking into the future, giantkone will continue to explore and forge ahead with its strength of smart production, striving to facilitate urban development and make life better.


about the red dot design award:

the red dot design award dates back to 1955 and today, it is one of the world’s largest and most recognized design competitions with more than 18,000 entries. the competition breaks down into three disciplines of red dot award: product design, red dot award: brands & communication design and red dot award: design concept. in 2020, designers and companies from 60 countries entered over 6,500 products in the red dot award: product design competition – more than ever before. when judging the products, the jury assess not just the aesthetic but also the materials selected, the level of craftsmanship, the surface structure, ergonomics and functionality. 


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