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kone china hit 1 million record!

released on:2020-01-06

january 6, 2020 was another day worth remembering. on this day, kone china's 1 millionth equipment was officially shipped. for kone and giantkone, this number has important milestone significance.

kone china’s one millionth unit delivery ceremony was held in kunming, yunnan. the one-millionth unit was officially shipped under the witness of kone corporation, kone china management, sales elites of frontline branches, and partners present. mr. william b. johnson, evp kone greater china, kone corporation and president of greater china, and mr. jiang wenzhong, vice president of kunming airport group, pushed the shipping button together. the millionth delivery ceremony had a branch venue at the kunshan factory of kone elevator and nanxun factory pf giantkone, broadcasting equipment delivery to the kunming site live.

* giantkone nanxun factory site

from the first, the 100th, the 999,999th to the 1 millionth elevator ... giantkone and kone are fully committed with 1 million percent of dedication and 1 million times of ingenious improvements, creating a new number every day, adding brilliance to the present splendor for a better urban life. a huge tree that fills one’s arms grows from a tiny seedling; a lofty tower rises from a heap of earth. behind the delivery of each elevator are the efforts of every partner and the dedication of every kone china employee.

today, kone china has delivered a total of 1 million units. one million in 24 years is both a milestone and a new starting point. president william b. johnson said in the sharing, “as an old chinese saying goes: pearls are everywhere but not the same as the eyes (swift horse are usually found but not the same as ‘pak lok’, the person who has good judgments to spot swift horses). the chinese market has enormous potential, but we also need to trust our ‘pak lok’’ so that we can seize the best opportunity. like one million units, if there is no ‘one’ unit at the beginning, the ‘zero’ that follows makes no sense. i am thrilled to share and witness this moment with kone's pak loks.”

kone today is restrained, robust, and highly responsible. leveraging the special opportunity of the one millionth delivery, kone donated 1 million yuan to build a kindergarten in wenshan prefecture, yunnan province and hoped to create a better environment for the children there.

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