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“fat five” soared into the sky, giantkone joined the journey the starry sea!

released on:2019-12-31

at 20:45 on december 27, 2019, beijing time, the long march-5 rocket “fat five” was successfully launched at the wenchang space launch site in china.

china wenchang rocket launch base is the fourth national launch base for rockets and satellites after xichang, jiuquan, and taiyuan. the project is affiliated to the general equipment department of the pla and is a national key project. wenchang satellite launch center applies a total of 83 giantkone elevators, including 13 for the “rocket vertical final assembly and test workshop”, 1 for the “aerospace command center supporting facilities”, and 69 for the “aerospace command center office buildings, apartment buildings and supporting facilities”, involving various machine-room-less passenger elevators, escalators, etc. behind the strong return of “fat five” is the unsung sacrifice of giantkone to the high-speed operation of the launch center, safeguarding each launch mission and contributing to the development of china's space industry.

due to its wide and fat body, the long march-5 is affectionately called “fat five” rocket. “fat five” lifted off in the dazzling light and soared to the vast space. after the successful launch of “fat five”, a line appeared on the screen of the test hall at wenchang launch base: our journey is the starry sea. at this point, long march-5 “fat five” with the strongest carrying capacity among china's active rockets, which has disappeared from public view for nearly 30 months, has successfully taken off again!

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