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innermost city memories, giantkone settled in beijing fangshan fund town

released on:2019-11-29

from “one tiny apartment for every resident in tube-shaped apartment buildings with black smoke”, to “small high-rises, buildings with elevators, countless mansions in cities and rural areas”, the evolution of housing is like a historical picture scroll. in addition to shelter from the wind and rain, it has also become a way of life. from “home to live in” and “nice home to live in”, giantkone is involved in this change.

recently, giantkone has won the beijing fangshan fund town project to provide 192 gpn63e machine-room-less passenger elevators to the town and work together to create a livable environment.

beijing fund town is located in fangshan district, beijing, with a planned construction area of about 900,000 m2. beijing fund town has been included in beijing's “13th five-year plan” as a key project for promoting the coordinated development of beijing, tianjin, and hebei. it is jointly identified as one of the first group of chinese-style towns by the ministry of housing and urban-rural development, the development and reform commission, and the ministry of finance, and is the only national-level town with funds as the leading industry. to serve the development of the industry better, giantkone has also tailored vertical transportation solutions for the building construction in beijing fund town so that every user can experience the convenience and beauty of life.

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