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craftsman star shines | giantkone interprets craftsmanship at 2019 “craftsman cup” skills competition

released on:2019-11-07

on november 4, giantkone's 2019 “craftsman cup” skills competition kicked off. fifty contestants selected from 40 branches and 1,750 middle-level workers of the same job type in the country gathered in nanxun. they competed with and learned from each other in the two-day competition to demonstrate the craftsman style of giantkone.

mr. hu xiulin, chairman of trade union, giantkone elevator co., ltd., delivered a welcome speech at the opening ceremony. he said that work competition was an excellent way to achieve a win-win situation between enterprises and employees and an effective carrier for massive employees, especially frontline staff, to show their talents, skills, and sense of ownership. this year, giantkone continued to hold the 2019 “craftsman cup” skills competition based on the experiences last year. it was expected that with the competition as a new starting point, work competition could cover all personnel in the enterprise and stimulate their enthusiasm for emulating, learning from, catching up with, helping, and in turn, surpassing each other.

mr. shen linqiang, vice chairman of the nanxun federation of trade unions, gave his congratulations at the meeting. he said, “as a leader in nanxun's elevator industry, giantkone has always played a demonstrative and leading role. it has repeatedly organized and participated in skills competitions at all levels, where a large number of technical backbones with business proficiency, strong capability, and high quality have emerged. i hope that all contestants will cherish this rare opportunity and go all out in the competition with their styles and talents, learning advanced skills through competition, identifying gaps, making up for shortcomings, demonstrating the spirit of the working class in the new era with their actions, and making positive contributions to accelerating the high-quality development of our district!”

mr. dai bifeng, vice president of front line seb,direct material sourcing & quality of giantkone,emphasized: “as an elevator practitioner, we always consider safety and quality as our important missions in installation, maintenance, and inspection jobs! excellent safety and quality work are closely related to the working skills of every frontline employee. our employees need to have not only strong technical skills but also the “craftsmanship”, striving for excellence. at the same time, it is expected that they should carry forward the “craftsmanship”, working hard to make installation and maintenance capability as the core competitiveness of our company!”

compared with the skills competition last year, the one this year has broadened the selection scope and increased the number of competition items. the two-day competition includes four items: elevator maintenance, elevator inspection, escalator inspection, and escalator maintenance. through the competition, giantkone has established a platform for elevator technical talents to demonstrate their skills and learn from each other, thereby inspiring the employees to study elevator technical knowledge enthusiastically and improving their skills and comprehensive quality.

one minute on the stage needs ten years of practice off stage. based on skills, giantkone people work hard to be skilled artisans, ensure the professionalism, technicality, and standardization of elevator maintenance, and interpret giantkone's great responsibility and ingenuity with strength, professionalism, and speed.

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