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giantkone solution for additional elevators, a new story for every old community

released on:2019-10-18

september 27 was a memorable day for the residents of hangzhou dujia new village. twenty-three giantkone additional elevators were officially delivered. this is the first unified additional elevator installation project in the whole residential area of hangzhou gongshu district, and also the first renovation and additional elevator installation project in old residential quarters in hangzhou.

dujia new village is a relocated community completed in 2004, with a small occupancy area. nearly half of the residents in the community are elderly and children, of whom 286 are over 70 years of age. for many elderly and children, going up/down the stairs in a multi-storey building without an elevator has always been a laborious task. giantkone's additional elevator installation solutions not only revitalize the old buildings in dujia new village but also help residents start a convenient and easy new life. it has benefited 280 households in the community and allowed residents of 23 units and 7 multi-storey buildings in the whole community to enter an “elevator era”.

residents often have concerns about installing additional elevators in old buildings. at the beginning of the project, giantkone thoroughly considered the possible problems of residents of all ages on all floors. the idea of providing residents with more comfortable living conditions is integrated into the solution. all the additional elevators in dujia new village adopt a direct corridor half-floor household entry scheme. from design, installation, to subsequent delivery, each additional elevator has guaranteed the lighting of the residential building to the greatest extent, solved the possible reflection problem of the glass wall, and kept the residents' original entry/exit habits. given the residents' travel issues during the construction period, the installation of additional elevators is also carried forward by region. every detail and every link is carefully handled to minimize the impact of elevator construction on residents' daily lives.

so far, giantkone has installed elevators in many provinces, cities, and regions across the country to fulfill the elevator dream of residents in old buildings. going up/downstairs is the “first step” for residents when they go out and the “last step” when they return home, which is closely related to the residents' happiness and sense of gain. to meet the needs of users better, giantkone will continuously improve the additional elevator installation solutions to boost urban future development, sparing no effort to provide a convenient life for residents in old buildings.

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