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giantkone new high-speed rail project, panoramic view of the most beautiful hubei!

released on:2019-08-29

recently, giantkone has undertaken the wuhan-shiyan high-speed railway zaoyang station project to provide all the escalators and passenger elevators required for the square in front of the zaoyang station and the public railway interchange center. after the completion of the project, the urban functions of zaoyang city will be further improved, the carrying, agglomeration, and radiation capacity will be improved. it will drive zaoyang into an era of high-speed rail and further shape the new image of zaoyang city.

as an important part of the wuhan-xi'an national high-speed railway, wuhan-shiyan high-speed railway is also a national strategic channel that connects central china with the northwest region and the southeast coast. after the completion of the wuhan-shiyan high-speed railway, it will take only 40 minutes from zaoyang to wuhan, and the time from hankou to shiyan will be shortened to 2 hours. during the construction process of wuhan-shiyan high-speed railway, it has always adhered to the concept of beautiful ecology, green environmental protection, and vigorously promoted the green and innovative construction along the railway to create the most beautiful high-speed railway in hubei with distinctive characteristics. consistent with the construction concept of wuhan-shiyan high-speed railway, giantkone adheres to the product development concept of “energy preservation and environmental protection”, implementing energy regeneration and opening a new realm of green energy preservation.

giantkone joins hands with wuhan-shiyan high-speed railways for the rapid development of high-speed rail projects. giantkone has continued to provide sincere services for transportation hubs in many cities in china such as beijing, shanghai, tianjin, hainan, and changchun, empowering the development of cities.

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