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home safe every day - 520 whispers of love from giantkone to you

released on:2019-05-17

5.13-5.17, the five-day giantkone safety week came to an end successfully - safety is the perfect state where people live in harmony with the living environment and foundation for the smooth development of all work affairs. it runs throughout giantkone's profound corporate culture.

on may 13, giantkone launched the safety week event at its headquarters, factories, and branches in shanghai simultaneously. managers and employees actively signed their names on the signature walls and gave their commitment to safety. the safety week event this time focused on three aspects (workplace safety, extreme environmental conditions, and carbon footprint).


01 shoulder responsibility and build harmony together

a safe working environment is a foundation for carrying out all work smoothly. the theme of safety week this year first emphasized that we should spare no effort in creating a safe and comfortable working environment for all giantkone employees, managers and customers.

management inspection at installation sites

management inspection at maintenance sites

fire training

safety first aid training

escape, fire drill



02 prevention in our action, safety in our mind

global warming has increased the frequency, intensity, and impact of extreme weather conditions. weather anomalies are becoming increasingly prominent, and we are increasingly exposed to the risks of extreme weather conditions. hence, we must be fully prepared and understand measures to cope with extreme weather and recover from emergencies. giantkone will implement comprehensive and strict precautionary measures for safety more thoroughly.

extreme climate emergency plan drill

stress management and mental health training

fire equipment safety inspection



03 reduce the carbon footprint and protect “the earth, our home”

the carbon footprint refers to the total greenhouse gas emissions of an organization or individual. the greatest sources of emissions are transportation, electricity, and heating. the impact of personal energy awareness and behavior on nature is enormous. the “carbon environment” link in this event aims to call on everyone to start with themselves from every little detail in life to reduce the carbon footprint and choose a low-carbon lifestyle.

watch environmental documentaries

green sports events



04 communicate safety awareness and advocate the safety culture.

in the elevator industry, where safety is vital, we not only assume the responsibility of guarding the “small home” but also shoulder the responsibility of guarding the “big family”. to this end, we have to approach customers, families, and society so that everyone can see, hear, and remember safety awareness, to ensure “return home safely every day”.

community elevator safety promotion events

safety knowledge contest

maintenance key account safety return visits



although the short safety week is over, giantkone's pursuit of safety will never end. safety awareness has already taken root deep down in the hearts of every giantkone staff. caring for the “small home” and looking after the “big family”, giantkone will safeguard each passenger when they travel and return home, being there for them all the time.

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