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live at elevator exhibition, get giantkone new products together

released on:2019-04-24

on april 23, the world-renowned elevator industry event - “2019 world elevator conference and langfang international elevator exhibition” kicked off in langfang, hebei. the joint booth of giantkone and kone elevator was crowded with visitors at home and abroad. next, let's take a look at the scene together ~

giantkone presented a full range of products, gvn11 new generation signal system for home elevators, gm8 disc motor, etc. at the exhibition site.

gvn11 is a household elevator product developed in strict accordance with kone's new product development process and the state recommended standards. all components and subsystems have passed rigorous and comprehensive reliability tests. they will provide convenience and comfort to every home, highlighting dignity and enhancing value for every owner.

the new generation 088 jiamei series signal systems include the non-display call box, display call box, keyboard manipulator and multimedia lcd manipulator. the new industrial design style can better meet the diverse needs of users.

in addition, giantkone and kone elevator also jointly released an escalator safety video surveillance system and elevator safety multimedia screen.

the escalator safety video monitoring system ensures the safety of escalator passengers through artificial intelligence technologies, including automatic detection of falls, reversed operation, and baby strollers.

the system applies new technologies such as data analysis and modeling optimization, video image recognition technology, efficient data transmission and storage based on global cloud platforms, and ai (artificial intelligence), which have greatly improved the safety and convenience of escalator rides.

the main functions of the elevator safety multimedia screen include automatic sleep detection, remote video intercom, gps precise positioning, etc. alarms are automatically issued when abnormal conditions are identified actively through iot (internet of things) technology. the customer service center can also conduct two-way talks with passengers on the screen at any time, and display the position of maintenance personnel in real time to further alleviate the anxiety of trapped passengers while waiting.

the holding of this elevator exhibition has established an ideal communication and cooperation platform for the global elevator industry and also allowed more people to have a better understanding of the products and technologies of giantkone. as at the opening ceremony of the elevator exhibition, mr. wen haoding, managing director of giantkone, shared that keeping the continuous improvement of product quality is a crucial way for the growth of the enterprise.

we will continue to keep an innovative attitude, strive for excellence, pursue the extraordinary, and present high-quality products, advanced technology, and sophisticated services to all.

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