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another new project! giantkone boost urban construction and innovate urban future

released on:2019-04-19

each city has its unique quality, and each building has a distinct personality. giantkone has participated in the construction and development of many cities and buildings. today, let’s take a walk in the cities to visit the latest projects that giantkone cooperates with and appreciate their features ~

east lake century city, fuyang, anhui: in 2018, century golden resources group launched another project in anhui to build a 655-acre super estate - east lake century city. based on a new chinese architectural style, combining traditional chinese elements and modern lifestyles, it strives to building an integrated complex with the collection of ecological communities, style commercial streets, and shopping malls.

* giantkone provided 291 electric and escalators for east lake century city, including a series of the company's flagship products, including small machine room passenger elevators, machine-room-less passenger elevators, autowalks, escalators, and cargo elevators.


chongqing pengrun yuexiu yujiangfu: actively advocate a healthy lifestyle, committed to building a cozy atmosphere in the community. create a residential area that accompanies growth with humanistic care. the project has 21 recreational facilities, 2 children's playgrounds, and a 1,500 m wellness jogging track, etc.

* giantkone's product features comply with its concept. after completion, pengrun yuexiu yujiangfu will apply 65 giantkone elevators, including small machine room, machine-room-less passenger elevators, and escalators.


longsheng garden, daxing district, beijing: guided by environmental ecology, the space layout between buildings is fully leveraged to form a well-arranged natural and humanistic landscape with fabulous rhythm.

* adhering to the product development concept of “energy preservation and environmental protection”, giantkone applies advanced green technology to its products. the provision of 78 passenger elevators, including small machine room and machine-room-less models for longsheng garden, will create more green gains for the owners here.


jundu · yinlin jinwan in yunnan: located in xishuangbanna, jundu · yinlin jinwan project is an urban complex with the collection of apartment residential, education, hotel office building, five mechanical and electrical home furniture centers, etc.

* to provide a convenient travel environment to the owners of yulin jinwan, giantkone has customized a total of 175 elevator solutions, including small machine room and machine-room-less models. this is yet another service project of giantkone after xishuangbanna international resort.


times new town, dongping county, shandong: for many years, the state has attached great importance to poverty alleviation and focused on the grassroots. times new town in the old county of dongping, shandong is a major people’s livelihood project for the poverty alleviation and relocation of people in the yellow river beach area.

*giantkone will also install 90 small machine room passenger elevators to provide efficient transportation services for residents here.

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