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join hands with xiaomi to create a smart life, giantkone elevator settled in the youth city of the yangtze river!

released on:2019-04-12

the housing problem after graduation has become a critical choice facing contemporary college students when they step out of campus and enter society. where to rest their body and soul? in wuhan, we found a new solution, i.e., the construction of the youth city of the yangtze river.

the project is exquisitely designed based on the needs of contemporary youth with strict requirement and continuous improvement for each product settled. giantkone is honored to provide gps33e passenger elevators for the project. a perfect blend with the stylish and intelligent “xiaomi concept” in the youth city of the yangtze river, it has provided a reliable guarantee for the safety and convenience of residents.

the youth city of the yangtze river can accommodate 50,000 college students. the use of elevators by many people at a high frequency is a major challenge for giantkone in this project.

safety is the prerequisite for the development of kone's business. in product development and manufacturing, kone strictly adheres to the global safety and quality standards to ensure the safe and stable operation of elevators.

the gps33e small machine room passenger elevator has a startup frequency of 180 times per hour and a high carrying speed and capacity that meet the demand of more young residents in the city for more efficient riding and vibrant life experience.

the compact hoistway design has sufficiently improved the utilization rate of the building and reduced the construction cost while providing more creative living space for the residents of the youth city.

this project applies xiaomi's ecological chain products, such as face recognition, password lock, and intelligent lighting. the great sense of high-tech is its most attractive feature.

giantkone gps33e small machine room passenger elevator intelligent control system supports the smart life of the youth city, improves the accuracy and reliability of data transmission, and ensures the smooth operation of the elevator.

giantkone can provide customers with extended options for remote monitoring functions, 24-hour real-time monitoring, and quick response at the first moment, to facilitate more perfect passenger flow experiences.

with excellent product performance and service, giantkone gps33e passenger elevator has become the first choice for many customers. in addition to the youth city of the yangtze river in wuhan, fenglin bay in ningxia, shangqiu jianye city in henan, and longmen yuefu in anhui have also adopted giantkone gps33e small machine room passenger elevators, with a total volume of about 300 units cumulatively.

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