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giantkone “debut” on beijing satellite tv, helping residents of old buildings enjoy a convenient life!

released on:2019-03-22

with the advent of an aging society and the continuous improvement of people's needs in pursuit of quality life, the practical demand for additional elevator installation in earlier multi-storey buildings has become increasingly prominent and urgent. to improve the traffic conditions in multi-storey buildings, giantkone elevator actively responds to policies and works with the government and the community, committed to making more residents of old buildings enjoy the convenience of getting home in one-step by installing additional elevators!

at the beginning of this year, 108 residents of building 112, nongguangli, nongguangli community, chaoyang district, beijing enjoyed the convenience of giantkone elevators. in these 108 families, above 60% of the elderly are over 60 years of age. the installation of additional elevators has dramatically improved their quality of life.

for the six giantkone elevators installed in this time, the opinions of the residents are fully heeded. high-transparency glass curtain wall is used, which is both safe and beautiful. the matte curtain wall is used in the elevator hall, which not only protects the privacy of residents but also avoids the problem of acrophobia in some residents.

beijing satellite tv paid special attention to and reported on this elevator installation project that benefited the people.

the benefits of installing additional elevators in old buildings are known to all. however, due to the problems of different communities, difficulties in financing, and conflicts of interest among residents, its promotion and implementation still require the joint exploration and facilitation of the government, communities, and enterprises.

hangzhou dujia new village: dujia new village community is the first residential complex in gongshu hangzhou that combined additional elevation installation with the renovation and upgrade of old communities. it adopted the “advance payment by economic cooperatives, subsidy by government policy, operation and maintenance by enterprises” for additional elevator installation, providing residents with free elevator riding service.

the 23 giantkone elevators installed in the community are all made of aluminum-plastic panels on all sides, which has guaranteed the lighting on the north and south sides of the residential building to the greatest extent and avoided the possible influence of light reflection on the residents.

family wing of the architectural design and research institute of henan province: the architectural design and research institute of henan province is the earliest national grade a comprehensive survey and design unit established in henan province. to further facilitate the lives of its employees, giantkone has provided high-quality additional elevation installation services to the old building in the family wing of the institute against all difficulties in technology and services. the smooth operation and outstanding performance of the elevator and the comfortable riding experience have got universal appraise from all the residents.

so far, giantkone has installed elevators in many provinces, cities, and regions across the country to fulfill the elevator dream of residents in old buildings. in the future, we will be committed to improving internal vertical traffic in more old buildings, and helping each customer enjoy a pleasant elevator experience of smooth departure and safe arrival!

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