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striving for cooperation | secretary of cpc huzhou municipal committee ma xiaohui met with jussi herlin, vice chairman of kone corporation

released on:2019-03-12

on the afternoon of march 11, ma xiaohui, secretary of the huzhou municipal party committee, met with jussi herlin, vice chairman of kone corporation, and wen haoding, managing director of giantkone and the team. both parties had an in-depth discussion of the economic and social situation in huzhou and the development planning of giantkone to further promote the establishment of a good relationship for mutual benefit and win-win development.

as a wholly-owned company invested and established by kone corporation in china, giantkone elevator has maintained rapid growth in annual sales and orders since its establishment. it has become a leader and pioneer in the elevator industry in huzhou and has been awarded the honorary title of “new elephant” enterprise in nanxun for seven consecutive years, making positive contributions to the development of huzhou and nanxun.

during the talks, ma xiaohui, secretary of the municipal party committee, stated that--

“currently, huzhou has a bright market prospect in elevator renovation and residential elevator installation. i hope that kone corporation will continue to consider huzhou and nanxun as the first choice and key areas for strategic investment. as always, the government will provide high-quality services to enterprises so that they can invest in huzhou, concentrate on entrepreneurship, and make development free of concerns.”

in this regard, jussi herlin, vice chairman of kone corporation, expressed sincere appreciation. after introducing the current situation and future development plans of kone corporation and giantkone elevator co., ltd., he said--

“china's urbanization process continues to drive the development of the elevator industry. giantkone elevator will continue to focus on exploring the fields of installation and maintenance, product development and market expansion, identifying new sales growth points, and making new contributions to the economic and social development of huzhou.”

during this trip to china, mr. jussi herlin also visited the exhibition hall and workshops of giantkone. with the warm reception of giantkone management, both parties had close communication. during the visit to the factory, his greetings encouraged the crew in the workshops, and the staff expressed their sincere welcome to the arrival of jussi herlin.

based on this meeting and visit, we believe that whether it is between kone and giantkone, or between kone/giantkone and huzhou, a new spark will be created in the future that offers more opportunities for cooperation, to realize a new leap and new take-off jointly.

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