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new year brings “new elephant” | giantkone won multiple blockbuster awards!

released on:2019-02-12

on february 11, cpc nanxun district committee and district government held a conference with all leaders in nanxun district culture and arts center. xia jianding, secretary of the cpc district committee, and yang weidong, deputy secretary of the cpc district committee and district director, attended the conference.

the leaders praised outstanding local companies and entrepreneurs with excellent performance in 2018 while comprehensively deploying the theme of “how to prepare for the advent of the high-speed rail era”.

as one of the leading companies in the elevator industry in nanxun district, giantkone lived up to expectations, stood out in the “new elephant new bull” enterprise selection, and won the highest honor again - 2018 “new elephant enterprise” in nanxun district, huzhou city. this is also the seventh time that giantkone has been awarded the title of “new elephant enterprise” for more than seven consecutive years.

in addition, giantkone also won many awards, including 2018 top 100 taxpayer enterprises in nanxun district and 2018 top 100 enterprises in scale in nanxun district.

“golden elephant and golden bull” is the pride of huzhou. it represents huzhou businessmen who have achieved great success in history as well as the new generation of huzhou enterprises that dare to be pioneers, pragmatic and innovative.

behind these honors is the struggle and accumulation of giantkone over the past decade. based on the spirit of inheriting, developing, and innovating the “elephant and bull” spirit, giantkone adheres to the industry and makes active innovation, striving to be bigger, stronger, and giving back to nanxun. in the great wave of the market economy, giantkone will face all difficulties fearlessly, never retreat due to adversity, dare to venture and pioneer, striving to compose yet another remarkable chapter!

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