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accelerate the “city in city” | giantkone support changchun super complex

released on:2018-12-21

recently, giantkone successfully settled in the changchun jucheng international center, providing 104 sets of multiple series products, including small machine room, machine-room-less, escalators, autowalks, etc., to lead the upward momentum of the city jointly.”

a wonderful dialogue between city and architecture: a complex building is often compared to a “city in city”, which is the business card and endorsement of a city that condenses its prosperity 24-hour every day. from the pacific place in hong kong, xintiandi in shanghai, to the mixc in shenzhen ... the birth of each landmark complex has recorded the development and rise legend of a city.

the jucheng international commercial complex project has a total construction area of 1.3 million m2 and total investment of over 5 billion yuan, making it one of key projects in the city. it has six functional areas, including jucheng zhenpin high-end residential, jucheng intercontinental huayi hotel, jucheng huayi plaza shopping center, jucheng huayijin street, modern smart terminal experience port, jucheng huayi business cluster office building, and is a large-scale commercial complex with the collection of office, shopping, leisure, and entertainment.

as the representative of the fifth-generation complex, jucheng international center has created a changchun party landmark in its unique business language. the project integrates multiple resources such as the new town technology industry, high-end communities, and higher education institutions in the southern part of changchun, covering 800,000 high-quality consumer groups. it is the top business landmark in the southern city of changchun.

join hands to launch a new lifestyle: the commercial prosperity and convenience make this “city in city” a new landmark for party crowds. it undoubtedly poses new challenges to the reliability and safety of the transportation system. as a member of kone corporation, the global elevator and escalator industry leader, giantkone has participated in the construction of multiple domestic complexes with high-quality products and comprehensive services.

in the early stage, giantkone has successfully settled in jucheng zhenpin high-end residential project, providing elevator services to many owners. based on recognition and affirmation of quality, jucheng international center cooperated with giantkone again. this cooperation endeavor includes 58 passenger elevators (of which many applies the industry-leading 4m/s high-speed elevators), 40 escalators, and 6 autowalks. it also combines smooth and comfortable passenger flow experience with high-end buildings organically, striving to provide convenient services to consumers.

in the future, giantkone will continue to boost urban development and join hands to inject more vitality into “city in city”.

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