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best healthcare employer, right by your side

released on:2018-12-04

at the “2018 mercer health management forum and 2018-2019 china's best healthcare employer award ceremony”, kone china (including giantkone) was officially awarded the title of “china's best healthcare employer 2018-2019” by mercer for its outstanding performance in employee care, employee growth, and employee health management..

this is the fourth human resource award won by kone recently after it has been granted the world’s best employer 2018 by forbes, “china top 100 employer” by 51job, and “best employer of the year in china” by zhaopin.

in recent years, due to accelerated work rhythms, deteriorated living conditions, and other factors, workplace health issues have received increasing attention from society, companies, and employees. for enterprises, protecting and improving employees' health and welfare is a responsibility in addition to compensation, and benefits are responsibilities not to be ignored. so, how do we create a healthy and sustainable work environment for our employees in kone china?

kone china actively participates in various charity projects and public welfare events to create a better future with practical actions for the communities where employees live and work.

improve employee health protection: to improve employee health protection, kone has established a comprehensive compensation and benefits system for employees and continuously optimized the existing commercial and medical insurance programs. in addition, measures such as annual physical examinations and the upgrade of holiday benefits policies are taken to strengthen health protection and relieve any concerns of employees.

organize various health lectures and employee activities: to help employees release stress and maintain vitality better, kone regularly organizes various health lectures and various employee activities (urban running, swimming competition, badminton competition, yoga, “higking group”, photography training classes, etc.).

in addition, the company also organizes family day activities on a regular basis to help employees' families understand the company and employees' work for better family support.

conduct employee surveys actively: to advocate a healthy lifestyle and communicate the concept “focus on prevention for health. the human resources department conducts an online “personal health potential risk survey” in all personnel to provide an overall assessment of the health status and potential risks in all aspects (including physical, psychological, emotional, and financial dimensions) from the life satisfaction, energy, weight, and exercise status of employees.

in the first half of this year, kone launched a “pulse survey” project to employees worldwide, aiming to listen to the voice of employees and make kone an ideal workplace.

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