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flying high in the capital, giantkone contribute to beijing new airport supporting facilities construction!

released on:2018-11-01

in 2017, “the guardian” uk selected the “seven new wonders of the world” as follows: beijing new airport, saudi kingdom tower, zhuhai-hong kong-macao bridge, chernobyl nuclear reactor, mecca abraj kudai hotel, london crossrail engineering, paris ffr stadium. beijing new airport - beijing daxing international airport ranked first.

as a “large-scale international hub” with the collection of aviation, high-speed rail, rail transportation, and expressway, beijing daxing international airport is not only an essential node in global production and business activities but also a new engine that drives regional economic development.

according to the relevant person in charge, the beijing new airport will meet the annual throughput requirement of 100 million passengers. for such a large-scale systemic project, the construction of critical ancillary facilities that serve airport operations and implement airport functions must be controlled strictly.

in the two key national projects of beijing new airport port (“customs national inspection comprehensive office building and disease control center” and “beijing new airport port entry-exit border inspection station”), giantkone products became the ultimate best choice.

among them, a total of 26 gpn63e machine-room-less passenger elevators have been applied in the customs office and the cdc project. it is composed of multiple building complexes, such as the customs, inspection and quarantine comprehensive administrative office building, and the cdc comprehensive office building, which is vital to the service and operation functions of the new airport port.

beijing new airport port entry-exit border inspection station adopts 14 gpn63e machine-room-less passenger elevators. it is responsible for border inspections at city entry-exit ports, assumes the sacred national responsibility for foreign exchanges, and serving the economic and social development of the capital as national safety filter.

it is not hard to see that the two national key projects' consistent choice of giantkone gpn63e machine-room-less passenger elevator has demonstrated not only their trust for giantkone brand but also their recognition of the advantages of the product itself.

beijing daxing international airport will soon be completed, and the construction of its supporting facilities needs to be promoted in coordination with the main project and put into use simultaneously. giantkone is honored to be a part of this great effort and contributing to this remarkable miracle project.

this time, we not only hope to guide our passengers to see further at a higher stand, but also to help everyone fly farther and enjoy an amazing journey offered by the top of new seven wonders of the world.

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