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approaching the mountain city, “ride safe and enjoy life” with giantkone

released on:2018-10-26

from october 23 to 24, giantkone set sail again on the “safe ride and enjoy life” event and came to the city of bayu - chongqing. bathed in the enthusiasm of the city, giantkone launched the community charity journey together with sunac.

chongqing sunac olympic garden is a comprehensive high-end estate complex that sunac deeply cultivates in the core of chongqing new north zone (cnnz). the project's unique concept of sports and healthy living makes it the best spokesperson for the image and cultural styles of the city. a total of 166 giantkone elevators were installed in the community, and the occupancy rate during the event has reached above 90%.

in october, autumn is very thick in chongqing. giantkone's “ride safe and enjoy life” event site has long been packed with people. a total of more than 200 residents participated in the event.

at the event site, giantkone passed on the knowledge of safe rides to the owners by setting graphic exhibition boards, distributing small leaflets for safe rides, holding award-giving quiz and interactive games that combined education with entertainment. as messengers of safety, our professional elevator maintenance staff communicated the common sense of elevator use at the scene, to draw a line of elevator safety awareness for the owners.

safety matters to everyone, regardless of age. through various forms of safe elevator education in large communities, campuses, shopping malls, giantkone hopes to popularize elevator knowledge and improve public safety awareness. we will continue to spread the positive energy of safety with practical actions, and our story of “ride safe and enjoy life” is to be continued ...

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