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industrialization informatization | giantkone successfully shortlisted as a national “integration of information technology and industrialization” pilot enterprise

released on:2018-09-04

recently, the ministry of industry and information technology (miit) released the “list of pilot enterprises for implementing the integration of information technology and industrialization management system” in 2018. based on its outstanding achievements in both aspects, giantkone was successfully selected as a national pilot enterprise for the integration of information technology and industrialization.

what is the “integration of information technology and industrialization”?

the “integration of information technology and industrialization” refers to the high-level and in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization, using information technology to drive industrialization and industrialization to promote informatization, and taking a new path to industrialization. the core of the “integration of information technology and industrialization” is the pursuit of a sustainable development model based on information technology. the pilot enterprises are required to have strict selection criteria, and the selected ones must have excellent financial and operating conditions. the most important is the efficient integration of information technology and industrialization.

since its establishment, giantkone has always attached great importance to corporate informatization. after experiencing two phases (strengthening the informatization infrastructure and accelerating the application of informatization systems), the company has established a sustainable competitive edge adapted to the current informatization environment and acquired sustainable development and innovation momentum.

process informatization - the application of the informatization system in giantkone has covered core business links such as procurement, production, quality, warehousing, and sales. all business information is interconnected, laying a sound foundation for the total information management throughout the whole process of the company.

production automation - industrialized production is inseparable from automated manufacturing. in recent years, giantkone has successively introduced advanced production equipment such as automatic production lines and robotic automatic welding systems, which have significantly improved the company's production efficiency and promoted the integration and innovation of information technology and industrialization.

following the trend of the times closely, giantkone applies the information system thoroughly to achieve more responsive business management, smarter decision-making, easier management, faster service, and closer industrial chain collaboration, making digital factories and intelligent production a reality.

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