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embrace challenges with an innovative look. ma xiaohui, secretary of the cpc huzhou municipal committee, visited giantkone!

released on:2018-08-08

on the morning of august 6, 2018, ma xiaohui, secretary of the cpc huzhou municipal committee, accompanied by city and district leaders, including cai xuchang, standing committee member and secretary-general of the cpc municipal committee, lu yuedong, deputy mayor of huzhou municipality, xia jianding, secretary of the cpc nanxun district committee, and shen xuefen, deputy director of nanxun district, visited giantkone.

“where is the main product market? what can the party committee and government do to help?” ... on the scorching summer day, secretary ma and his party visited the company accompanied by wen haoding, managing director of giantkone, and wu zhijie, general manager of the factory enthusiastically.

entering the exhibition hall, secretary ma and his party learned giantkone's development history, product market, and innovative technology in detail. he praised giantkone for its remarkable achievements in various aspects in recent years and encouraged giantkone to improve its innovation capacity and drive high-quality development of the company continuously.

secretary ma also went deep into the production workshops and visited the production process of the company. wu zhijie, general manager of the factory, introduced the automated production lines in the workshops. after learning that giantkone has continuously increased its production capacity through new land acquisition, warehouse and logistics center construction, addition of new flexible production lines, implementation of machine substitution, and the use of japanese expert teams to guide the quality throughout the year, secretary ma nodded frequently in affirmation. facing the highly competitive elevator market, secretary ma xiaohui emphasized that market challenges often brought new development opportunities as well. in this regard, he hoped that giantkone would accelerate its transformation and upgrading, continuously improve product quality and core competitiveness, and further contribute to the economic and social development of the city.

giantkone has been leading the industry for many years. driven by innovation to lead development, it has consistently ranked first in the taxpayer list of industrial enterprises in nanxun district and even huzhou city. in the coming days, we will stay true to our original aspirations, forge ahead, and continue to boost urban development.

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