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make elevators with warmth and care, carrying the weight of life

released on:2018-08-08

giantkone always holds itself to strictest standards, continuously strives for excellence, and provides tailor-made elevator products for hospitals. it is committed to showing every passenger — the elevator is more than just a cold machine, and every detail in its design is full of human warmth and care.

recently, giantkone has launched its latest products - gps53e small machine room bed elevator and gpn63e machine-room-less bed elevator to provide solutions to the demand for three-dimensional traffic in hospitals.

time is life. the meaning of this sentence is vividly manifested in hospitals. to help patients gain valuable time, we have set an extra-wide doorway to make it easy for beds to get in and out. the smooth and comfortable operating environment makes it super convenient for moving hospital beds around. we use mirror stainless steel with a clear image as the material of the rear car wall. when the wheelchair enters and exits, we can observe the surrounding situation through the mirror surface, so that people can have a panoramic view of the car environment via the mirror surface to facilitate flexible entry/exit. the manipulator for the disabled is intentionally installed at a lower place so that vulnerable groups using wheelchairs can enter/exit the elevator with free control. at the same time, buttons with braille and intelligent voice stations also care for the visually impaired. creating a sterile environment and keeping cleanliness are particularly important in hospitals. we provide an elevator car air purification system that can accelerates air circulation, effectively sterilize, significantly improve the air quality in the car, and protect the physical and mental health of each passenger. the foldable seats in the car, the soothing music, the warm car wall spray color ... everything is designed for hospital passengers, creating the more comfortabler experience.

on the path of continuous improvement, we are lucky to have partners there for us. today, giantkone's products have been selected and recognized by many hospitals, with business footprint all over the country, including: beijing tongren hospital affiliated to capital medical university, the 208 hospital of the chinese people's liberation army, ruijin hospital affiliated to shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine, shanghai fengxian district central hospital, the second affiliated hospital of nanchang university, shaanxi provincial people's hospital, guizhou province no. 2 people's hospital, changsha no. 1 hospital, changchun central hospital, shijiazhuang no. 1 hospital ...

when giantkone carries passengers to and fro, up and down hospital buildings, we carry more than individual human beings but the heavyweight of life. we regard safety as the no. 1 principle and strive to add sustained value to the businesses of our customers and the lives of our users.


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