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giantkone safety week highlights!

released on:2018-06-11

may 21-25 is a busy and exciting week for giantkone. during this period, we focus on safety, health, and caring for others with actions.

giantkone always believes that safety is the foundation of everything. we have thoroughly implemented the tenet of “safety first” and held the safety week event for many years. this event is aimed not only at our employees but also partners and end-users. through this platform, they can understand and enhance the safety awareness, keep in mind the concept that “little things matter in saftey”, and work with us to achieve the safety goal of “zero accident”.

  • this commitment was jointly signed by giantkone people: on the morning of may 21, giantkone operations headquarters, factory, and frontline branches launched the “kone safety week 2018” in their units, respectively. employees signed their names on the signing walls for their commitment to the safety mission.
  • safety inspection to prevent problems before they occur: to eliminate potential hazards and ensure the work safety. during the safety week, the company's management conducted a comprehensive inspection of the production workshops and construction sites.
  • knowledge competition to keep safety in mind: knowledge quiz, check-in/out daily to answer questions, essential for learning more knowledge!
  • “five keep-in-mind” safe operating habit verification, ppe wear in various posts, training by competition.
  • we are serious about safety drills: various departments organized fire, earthquake, rescue, and other multi-faceted, multi-form drills to remind employees that there is no rehearsal for life, and safety should be kept in a short leash.
  • safety training keeps safety in our minds: practical operation combined with theory, practical and appropriate training contents, to deepen our understanding of safety knowledge and safe operation in multiple ways.
  • ride safe and enjoy life: during the safety week, giantkone’s “safe ride” publicity campaign is also promoted in major provinces and cities nationwide. we hope that the concept of “ride safe and enjoy life” will be passed on to every community, every school, and even every family.

this year, the safety week “takecare” emphasizes the connection between physical/mental health and safety. we should seek a health management approach suitable to us in pursuit of a happy life. we hope that everyone can keep their physical and mental vitality and deliver positive energy.

the annual kone safety week is not just a safety event that lasts for five days, but also the best channel to improve safety management, enhance safety awareness, and communicate a safety culture. even though the safety week has ended, we should carry on and focus on the preventive safety work and improving well-being.

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