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good news | giantkone won authoritative recognition again!

released on:2018-05-29

recently, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of the people's republic of china selected 100 quality and integrity benchmarking demonstration enterprises in the “product and service quality integrity commitment” event in 2018. after a series of rigorous selections and audits, giantkone stood out from over 2,000 companies with its excellent product and service quality, and was granted the honor of “national top 100 quality and integrity benchmarking model enterprise”! this is yet another authoritative honorary title awarded to giantkone after “national product and service quality integrity demonstration enterprise” and “national elevator quality leading brand” by china association for quality inspection (caqi) in march.

for years, giantkone has striven to meet and exceed customer demand to achieve excellence in first-class operation and brand value, adhering to the company's core values of “pleasant service to customers, continuous innovation, pursuit of excellence, and win-win cooperation”. focusing closely on the quality policy, the company has actively promoted and established a comprehensive quality management model, continued to implement advanced quality management methods and concepts, and driven further improvement of the company's product quality and management level. every giantkone staff regards quality as their responsibility and strives to build quality with professionalism, living up to expectations with craftsmanship.

in recent years, giantkone has won many awards such as “national product and service quality integrity demonstration enterprise”, “national quality trustworthy product”, “national quality credit advanced enterprise” and “national elevator quality leading enterprise”, etc. these honors are both incentives and heavy social responsibilities. giantkone will continue to uphold the spirit of pioneering and innovative craftsmanship, stay true to its original aspiration, adhere to the concept of “quality for branding, credit for the future”, and continuously improve corporate performance with excellent management processes and business results.

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