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giantkone 2018 annual sales conference successfully held

released on:2018-03-14

with the spring breeze, clear sea and blue sky, a group of people gathered together on the dreamy beach in sanya from all over the country to participate giantkone’s annual grand event and share the brilliant moment with giantkone people.


boundless innovation and entrepreneurial action leading you and me to win, giantkone 2018 annual marketing conference was grandly opened on march 13 at the edition hotel in sanya. more than 400 representatives from partners across the country, giantkone management, general manager of branch offices, and leaders of kone greater china attended the ceremony.



innovation and entrepreneurial action

we insist on innovation all the way ahead, and there is no boundary to the path of innovation and entrepreneurial action. with the faith of never giving up, our future is infinitely vast.


the video of mr. henrik ehrnrooth, president and ceo of kone corporation opened the prelude of the theme conference. mr. henrik ehrnrooth stated in the video that: in 2018, giantkone is still a very important part of our strategic development in china. we will continue to invest greatly in product, technology and personnel development.



subsequently, mr. ai tuohan, executive vice president of marketing and communications of kone corporation, also delivered an important speech: 2017 was a challenging year for giantkone and the entire elevator industry, but giantkone still maintained a stable and strong position. next, giantkone should continue to complete its mission through close cooperation with customers, and gradually shift from technology-oriented to customer-oriented.



according to the speech by mr. jiang wei, executive vice president of kone corporation and president of kone greater china, the total sales of kone and giantkone currently ranked first in the domestic market. giantkone has assumed a very important role in the global strategic deployment of kone. it can be seen that opportunities and challenges coexist in the iteration of the era. only by grasping opportunities and actively innovating can we keep our leading position and become a leader in the industry.



mr. jiang zhenhui, president of giantkone elevator co., ltd., reviewed the performance of giantkone in 2017 and stated that giantkone was an important part of kone’s strategic implementation in the chinese market. kone corporation will continue to help giantkone become stronger in the chinese elevator market.




creativity can become the real booster to enrich the living life only if it becomes a reality. during the new product release session, giantkone elves reviewed the market performance of giantkone gpn65e product with the guests present. gm8 disc motor's double-bearing force design, lower motor speed, quiet design of the brake, bearing capacity, quiet design of the bearings, etc. reflected the high requirements and high standards of gpn65e.




today, giantkone will release a number of highly competitive new products, including a new elevator decoration design. we believe that with the support of new technologies and cutting-edge innovation, giantkone will definitely excel in the market.



from the past to the present, giantkone has been looking for a simple and convenient way of working. in 2018, giantkone’s "gk online" system also went live. at the meeting, mr. liu xinfu, director of giantkone’ customer support center shared the innovation benefits brought by the business module in the new system with the partners.


leading to win

success is not achieved overnight. the real warriors who have been through the baptism of wind and rain with hard work light up the temple of glory with honor. your success is our success. we face the unpredictable challenges together and will enjoy the success together.



based on the theme of “your success is my success”, the award ceremony was hosted by giantkone elf and the host. at the award ceremony, winners of the golden eagle award, golden seal award, golden horse award, golden lion award and golden elephant award were announced one by one.



you and me 

in giantkone dictionary, you have the same definition as me. we do have individuals who have to fight alone, but only teams that are invincible.



tonight, we talked freely and embraced each other in the graceful dance and heavenly melody. the past thick and thin in pursuit of our dreams were turned into good wine. the joyous feast embodied our dedication and hard work. the effort and dedication of each giantkone person are an indispensable power to light up the great giantkone dream. as long as we work together, we can realize our dream.


today, we gathered here to celebrating our success, where we set sail for our new journey. giantkone 2018 annual marketing conference has come to an end, but the story of giantkone is still wonderful. our passion will never be undiminished, and our faith will be immortal. we firmly believe that giantkone will build the pulse of the city with more remarkable gesture to create the boundless when we press ahead and lead the future in the boundless!


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