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giantkone recreates the glory in 2018!

released on:2018-03-08

in march, it is still early spring. giantkone 2018 annual conference on safety, quality, installation and service was held on march 6 in ziqing lake, tangshan, nanjing to sum up the fruitful 2017 and get ready for greater success in 2018.



mr. liang hui, vice president of environment, health, safety and installation, mr. lei yuan, vice president of procurement, quality and technical support at kone greater china and mr. cai bin, vice president of maintenance service at kone greater china, mr. jiang zhenhui, president of giantkone and other management and related business leaders from all regions and branches in the country attended the meeting.


at the beginning of the meeting, mr. jiang zhenhui, president of the company, delivered a welcome speech, reviewed the performance of giantkone in 2017 and looked forward to the future strategy and blueprint of the company.



mr. cai bin, vice president of maintenance business, kone greater china, affirmed the achievements of giantkone in the past year. he pointed out that we must seize the following three important tasks to further strengthen the service team:

  • work hard in the customer-centric direction
  • further promote the service concept
  • take advantage of iot opportunities to improve efficiency through remote monitoring and enhance customer satisfaction

he firmly believed that the future of giantkone will be flourishing and more brilliant.

we regard security as the top priority. while continuing to pursue excellence in quality and quality, we have not forgotten the ability to regulate behaviors, compliance, and improve crisis management.




mr. wu zhijie, general manager of the plant, mr. dai bifeng, director of service and installation, mr. zhu fang, deputy director of environmental health and safety, ms. lu yang, senior legal consultant, ms. jiang yan, chief of kone greater china and china frontline communications and public relations, and mr. du xiping, senior manager of maintenance operations and senior manager of frontline quality management, delivered important speeches and key content propaganda on our quality management, maintenance, installation and safety, behavior compliance and crisis management themes.


this year, we also invited mr. chen yujun, assistant director of frontline product standards at kone greater china to provide training on the elevator related regulations and standards and strengthen the branch companies' understanding of the contents of elevator regulations.


ms. yang xiaoyan, senior manager of human resources of the company, also reviewed the frontline manpower development trends of giantkone and the key actions that will be launched in 2018 for us. ms. lu yan, director of human resources, emphasized the concept of sincere service. we will make full use of our human resources and work together to ensure the effective implementation of our company's strategy, remain true to our initial aspiration and truly make a difference.


after the meeting, an award ceremony was held to award the winning individuals and teams. behind every trophy is the hard work and sweat of every employee in the front line because they have always upheld the craftsman spirit that “it is extraordinary to do everything ordinary amazing and making everything simple remarkable” to build the glory of giantkone.


the annual conference of safety and quality installation services is just like the time of the year. it records our years of passion and witnesses the progress we continue to make. we would like to always follow the great "giantkone dream" because we are convinced that where there is a dream, there is a way to realize the dream!

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