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won the highest honor again! giantkone has a fresh start in 2018!

released on:2018-02-25

in the very beginning of the year, everything takes on a fresh and new look. on february 22, 2018, huzhou nanxun district party committee and district government held a conference of leading cadres in the region. the party committees and government leaders such as xia jianding, secretary of nanxun district communist party, yang weidong, district chief and other party and government leaders attended the meeting. at the meeting, the advanced enterprises and individuals in 2017 were commended.


at the conference, giantkone again won the honor of the “new elephant enterprise” in nanxun district of huzhou city in 2017. this is how giantkone has been awarded “xinxiang” enterprise title by the nanxun district government for more than 6 consecutive years. at the same time, giantkone also won many honors such as 2017 nanhui district top 100 taxation enterprises.



nanxun selected the “new elephant new cow” honorary title. the inspiration for the naming was from the fabulously rich nanxun’s silk merchant group represented by “nine elephants, eighty cows, seventy-two golden dogs” in modern history. in folk culture, the number of animals is used as a metaphor of wealth.


nanxun district committee and the district government have carried out the “new elephant new cow” enterprise innovation competition activities for many years. it is precisely for the purpose of carrying forward nanxun merchant culture and reshaping the historical glory that in-depth implementation of the “industrial zone” strategy should be performed to and has accelerate the support and incubation for the growing businesses.


in addition, nanji district's industrial foundation and pioneering spirit of innovation has always been an important support for its economic development. a large number of companies rely on independent innovation and have gradually become leaders in their respective industries.



as the vanguard of the industrial enterprises in nanxun, giantkone has been in the leading position for many years. driven by innovation to lead the development, it insists on continuous transforming and upgrading and building smart factory, consistently ranking first in taxation in nanxun and even huzhou industrial enterprises. it has also been elected as "new elephant" enterprise in nanxun district and golden elephant "enterprise" in huzhou city for many consecutive years.


in the days to come, giantkone will continue to work hard to achieve the strategic goal of “making customers happy and achieving win-win cooperation”. it will also make its due contribution to the prosperity of nanxun’s economy and promote the local social progress.

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