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giantkone take you to changchun!

released on:2018-01-19

speaking with quality and serving with sincerity—it is always the guideline that giantkone believe in. and it is this dedication and due diligence that has won the recognition and support of countless customers for giantkone.


recently, giantkone received a letter of commendation and a silk banner from changchun metro co., ltd. the letter affirmed our product quality, construction efficiency and service attitude, and expressed appreciation to our company for the successful completion of the project in the tight schedule and large quantities of work before the metro line 1 was put into operation.



changchun metro line 1 is the first subway line in jilin province, which is also a rail transit backbone line that runs through the north and south of changchun rail transit line network. its operation marks that changchun has entered into a new metro era and modern space with high-efficiency traffic.


as a municipal project, changchun rail transit has put forward higher requirements for escalator product quality, installation technology, and maintenance services for this project.


during the period, giantkone conducted technical exchanges with the client repeatedly to gain an in-depth understanding of the needs of the client, so as to ensure good transport service under high-intensity and high-load conditions.



in response to the cold climate in winter in changchun, giantkone continued to optimize product performance and tailored the best solution for changchun metro line 1 - more than 30 safety protection measures and functions to fully protect passenger safety. users provide a more reliable and comfortable ride experience.



when ensuring safety and practicality, giantkone is also pursuing architectural aesthetics in public spaces. giantkone escalator was carefully designed in accordance with public transportation needs, presented in a simple and elegant manner, and subtly blended with the art design style of the subway station with the theme of “city memory”.


currently, 106 units have been officially put into operation with the upcoming 14 giantkone escalators, which will accompany each passenger to experience the urban context of changchun and appreciate changchun’s distinctive regional features and cultural atmosphere.

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