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meet giantkone at the joint hosting venue of the winter olympics

released on:2018-01-12

located in the northwestern part of hebei province, chongli county is known as the "snow capital of china". it is also an important part of the collaborative development of beijing, tianjin and hebei at present, and the joint hosting site of 2022 winter olympics, making it a world-renowned ski resort.



however, here is not only snow and ice in chongli. to make chongli the gateway to the true four seasons resort in northern china, fulong holding and giantkone elevator have brought new vacation life ideas to tourists from all over the world in this international event sacred place.

kindle the passion for life and empower the happiness


based on the concept of full resources, whole family and full-time vacation, fulong holdings strives to create an integrated resort town that integrates recreation, entertainment, family vacation, retirement, and children's growth. it covers an area of 12 square kilometers and is named as "fulong · four seasons town".



it is planned that the construction of fulong · four seasons town includes 750,000 square meters of urban ski resorts, 6 large hotel clusters, 26,000 square meters of small town center commercial street, 400,000 square meters of flower sea, 48,000 square meters of hot spring center, 360 degrees of mountain peak restaurant & café and other supporting facilities, absorbing art feasts and international educational resources to accommodate colorful seasons.

in fulong · four seasons town, a total of 146 giantkone escalators are serving here, allowing visitors to enjoy the most beautiful natural landscape in this icy and holy land, and enjoy the most cutting-edge family vacation experience.


extraordinary design that rivals the international level

fulong • four seasons town also promoted chongli's snow and ice sports to the extreme. the town has the first comprehensive ski resort in china (in the city) featuring family leisure and children's leisure.



the design includes a number of initiatives: the world's largest commercial mall mode ski hall, the first cross-overhead ski run in the country, and the first open night ski resort in the region, which will enable you to enjoy the double experience of skiing and hot springs, snow trails, and seamless connection between commercial and residential areas.


fulong ski resort has also attracted many national professional training and special events. it has become a top-ranking ski leisure entertainment and event service venue in china and contributes to 2022 olympic winter games.


a total of 46 giantkone escalators were equipped within the new landmark chongli ski resort and the surrounding commercial streets. they are ready to present a unique snow cultural feast with fulong • four seasons town.


the rise of fulong · four seasons town will revitalize chongli, and giantkone will also go all out to create a quality, unobstructed passenger flow environment for the new, full-time, family-wide resort life. come to chongli, the co-host venue of the winter olympics, and have amazing "frozen romance" with giantkone.

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