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west sichuan public welfare trip | giantkone is glad to meet you

released on:2017-12-01

in hongyuan county in november, the temperature in the early morning was as low as minus 16 degrees. the white snow at the top of the mountain blended with the white clouds of the sky. in a flash, brilliant light shines. the grassland ushered in the morning sun and hongyuan started a new day.



for love we depart to west sichuan together

giantkone’s volunteer representatives, with their blessings and warmth, followed china jin mao and more than 20 other volunteers into the beautiful and pure land.



white snow, grassland, incense, cattle and sheep... longri township has the most primitive natural scenery, but it is also a famous "poor township". as one of the townships in hongyuan county, aba tibetan and qiang autonomous prefecture, sichuan province, nearly 2,000 herdsmen have settled in this area and working hard for its beautiful future.



great love in plateau, warm care in winter

we arrived at the destination of our west sichuan public welfare trip, longxi township primary school. just like this piece of land far away from the majestic land, the children who grew up in nature, they are simple and innocent. the smiles on their faces let us feel warm in the cold weather. we wore the white hada sent by the children and gave them a warm red scarf. the red and white set off each other, like flowers on the snowfield.



in addition to the lovely children, there are another group of people who deserve our respect. they are the teachers who are stationed at the school. gao jiang, han ethnicity, came to longri township primary school four years ago and served as a teacher at the junior class of the kindergarten. in the four years, he had already regarded this place home, these children as his family members.


gao jiang is well aware of the family situation of each child. there is a kid from a single-parent family, who has no yak at home. to support this family, his father has to do odd jobs in the county town of tens of kilometers away. speaking of these, mr. gao was a little excited. relying on the strength of one person, he "could only try his best to take care of him".

despite of poverty, the kingdom of dreams welcomes every great child. they use their tender words to describe their ideals, to uphold the righteous police, to save the wounded doctors, to shine in the stars...


the rugged roads do not limit their freedom to imagine the future. children are born with angel’s wings, and we only need to open a window to allow them to fly to a wider world.



cultivate love with love and pass on warmth

china jinmao, giantkone and other partners donated "china jinmao mobile library", 1.2 million education funds as well as books, down jackets, plush hats and scarves to three primary schools including longri township primary school, to help promote the development of education in hongyuan county, and also hope that the children can dare to dream, dare to pursue dreams, grow into talented people, and give back to their hometown.



china jinmao is one of the world's top 500 companies in the real estate and hotel sector of china sinochem corporation. over the years, china jinmao has consistently fulfilled its mission as a state-owned company, focusing on helping poor areas and poor people. focus on the growth of the next generation.


in the west sichuan public welfare trip, jinmao mobilized partners to participate in this public welfare event. more than 10 units and more than 20 volunteers participated in the event. giantkone was also the only elevator company in the west sichuan public welfare trip. the cooperation between giantkone and jinmao has been more than a year. currently, there are projects in foshan, chongqing, beijing and other places.


this public welfare trip deeply touched our volunteer representatives. enterprises survive in the society and shall also give back to the society with public welfare activities and assume social responsibility. giantkone is not only committed to providing people with perfect passenger flow experience, but also willing to create a more beautiful world.

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