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witness of glory! giantkone won grand award again

released on:2017-11-15

at the southern shore of taihu lake are clear water and green mountain.

in this millennium ancient city,

the poem of "traveling all over beautiful places south of the yangtze river, nowhere else is as perfect as huzhou for residence" is still remembered after ages.

it is the birth place for hunan merchants, the folk merchant group with centennial glory.

their courage to take the lead, pragmatic and innovative spirits

have left precious spiritual wealth and cultural heritage for us.




from november 13th to 15th, the 2017 hunan merchant development conference was held grandly. chen weijun, secretary of municipal party committee, qian sanxiong, deputy secretary of municipal party committee and mayor and other city leaders attended the meeting. the main leaders of the district and county party and government, and well-known lakes across the country including hong kone, macao and taiwan. the representatives of the business, the "one belt and one road," the consul general of the countries along the route, and the person in charge of local key enterprises attended the meeting.


the conference commended a group of outstanding companies and entrepreneurs. giantkone was awarded the honorary title of “golden elephant enterprise” in huzhou for its top financial contributions for many years. mr. jiang zhenhui, president of the company, attended and received the award. and giantkone has won the “golden elephant” corporate honor in huzhou city for two consecutive years.



behind the honor are the efforts and hard work of giantkone people. the hot land of huzhou is a place for giantkone to set sail for their dreams.


as the organizing committee stated in the "golden elephant award" words for the winning company: 



courage is your bone, wisdom is your plasma;

resilience is your quality, innovation is your business card;

inclusiveness is your patience, responsibility is your bottom line.

when great waves sweep away sand,

you keep expanding the business layout

with your perseverance.

in market adversity,

you show your contempt for the impact of the financial crisis,

keep chasing your dream and glory.

you are the mainstay that supports the development of huzhou;

you are the backbone that “accelerates catching-up and achieves 'two highs'” for huzhou.

you are ballast stone that guards huzhou in its voyage!


as a member of the global family of kone corporation, finland, giantkone strives to achieve the strategic goal of “making the customers happy and working together for mutual benefits and win-win”. in recent years, we have made giantkone work in the increasingly fierce chinese elevator market by optimizing the market structure and layout, continuously launching series of new products that meet customer needs and have market competitiveness, expand production capacity, and add advanced equipment. won a good performance on the market position among the forefront of the industry.



giantkone has been rooted in the hot land of huzhou for more than 12 years. for a long time, it has received strong support from local government departments and caring people from all walks of life. the company has grown rapidly. giantkone won many awards such as new elephant enterprise in nanxun district and special financial contribution award for many years, and it ranks first in taxation among industrial enterprises in huzhou city, leading the elevator industry in huzhou with great strength. in the future, we will also focus on strengthening innovation-driven development, creating new high-end smart manufacturing formats, and adding new impetus to the prosperity of economy in huzhou.


remain true to our original inspiration and press ahead with great courage! in the journey of chasing dream, our footsteps are always powerful!


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