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released on:2017-10-26

recently, giantkone henan branch received two banners from the relevant person in charge of anyang huaqiang new city development co., ltd.: “efficiently regulate and handle practical issues, enthusiastically and caringly for the project”, “skillful construction works safely and efficiently, and works together with huaqiang to build quality projects”.



affirmation from customers

anyang huaqiang city is located in the high-tech industrial development zone of anyang, henan province. the base is 5 kilometers away from the center of anyang city. the total land area is about 70 hectares. giantkone and anyang huaqiang city originated in 2012 and have since delivered 183 elevators.


the award-winning project is anyang huaqiang city project phase 1.5. the project is designed based on “people-oriented, scientific living and healthy living” concept, which will open an awe-inspiring chapter of the “times of new town” in anyang.



in this project, giantkone took over the task of installing 12 elevators in 6 high-rise buildings in huaqiang city. with the joint efforts of all the staff of henan branch li leilei and installation team zhu zhulin, they entered the construction period from july 15 and completed the acceptance criteria on september 5. they made outstanding contributions to the construction node of the project.


nowadays, china's scientific and technological productive forces are technologically advanced, equipment production is increasingly perfected, and productivity has become a system. it has become a major manufacturing country and is moving toward becoming a manufacturing power. this means that we must not only insist on innovation in manufacturing r & d, strive for excellence, but also improve the company's soft power.



ni fuqiang, installation manager of giantkone henan branch stated:

the praise from customer is both an honor and higher requirement. in the future work, we must make persistent efforts to guard against arrogance and arrogance and to forge ahead. continuing to provide customers with a mission of more perfect passenger flow experience with high quality products and services, and on the basis of a deep understanding and satisfaction of customer needs, we continue to provide innovative, efficient solutions to work together with our customers and strive to be the best partner for our customers.


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