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giantkone - run up for china's real estate "high jump"

released on:2007-06-16

the rapid development of the real estate industry has made china the world’s largest elevator producer and the world’s largest new elevator installation market. in large-scale construction projects, elevator engineering is a relatively important investment and generally accounts for 5%-10% of the total project investment. therefore, real estate developers need to have a good brand image, first-class quality and functionality, cost-effectiveness and perfect services before, during and after sales of elevators.

the highly competitive cost efficiency makes giantkone elevator a top choice for chinese architecture. giantkone is a "star" in china's elevator industry. from 2005 to the present, it has attracted attention in the industry with its extraordinary development momentum, rapidly expanding marketing network and emerging classic projects.

located in the economic belt of the yangtze river delta, zhejiang giant elevator co., ltd. has nearly 30 years of history in china. it is the largest local brand enterprise in china that specializes in the manufacture of electricity and escalators. its cooperation partner is 100-year-old kone corporation, finland, one of the world's most prestigious elevator brands, the inventor and leader of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction technology and machine room-less elevator.

in view of the optimistic outlook and strategic outlook for the chinese market, the joint venture established by the two companies in 2005, giantkone elevator co., ltd., had a total investment of over 200 million yuan. “after the cooperation between the two companies, we truly achieved a strong alliance. i believe her prospects are very bright,” said ren tianxiao, chairman of china elevator association.

continuing the accumulation of experience and technology in the industry of the joint venture's two shareholders, giantkone can provide the most optimized elevator solutions for real estate developers and architects, including the number of elevators, group control methods, and group partition methods. the requirements of elevators; the layout of elevators facilitates the efficiency of each customer's transportation, saves construction costs and equipment costs. at the same time, starting from the planned civil construction requirements and even the idea of the client's inspiration, giantkone are committed to meeting the personalized demands.

giantkone has a modern factory building and world-class manufacturing equipment. it implements the global unified management model of kone, finland. the quality of its products is strictly controlled from the design, manufacture and installation to ensure the quality of the products. giantkone’s standard products include four categories: passenger elevators, sightseeing elevators, bed elevators, hydraulic elevators, car elevators, cargo elevators, home elevators, escalators, and autowalks. giantkone also provides machine room and small machine room solutions for passengers, sightseeing and bed elevators.

however, first-class products alone are far from enough. the reputation is determined by after-sales maintenance.

giantkone are working on a positive shift from "manufacturing" to "service". currently, the company has established a network that integrates sales, installation, and service across the provinces cities, and autonomous regions of the country, and tailored standardized maintenance operation units for electric and escalator equipment so that the entire product life cycle can be extended to over 30 years. 24-hour service hotline 400-886-1188 is available all year round, implementing "one call" to solve the problem. three-level spare parts storage and supply network covering the whole country can realize the supply of original spare parts at the nearest site with abundant supply for the whole service life.

according to the plan of the human resources department of the company, by the end of 2007, the proportion of employees in the factory and service outlets reached 1:1, which reached 1:2 by 2009.

it is precisely attributing to such service concept that giant has won a large number of orders with high influence and high turnover in the face of fierce competition in the past two years. product projects include municipal key projects, public facilities projects, high-end residential areas, cbd projects and european projects, for example, beijing capital stadium, beijing xinxiu water tower, beijing wangjing customs commercial street, changchun express rail transit, hangzhou pedestrian overpass, xiamen international tourism terminal, xiamen olympia club, xinjiang national security agency, wuxi airport, changsha national defense science and technology university, shanghai dingji shopping plaza, chengdu gloria international residence, nanjing xingyuan jiayuan, qinhuangdao oriental pearl city, national audit office in chongqing special commissioner office, chongqing rongjin longhuiyuan, ningbo renhe homestead, changsha xinglan bay, zhejiang north high speed passenger transport center, wuxi yuexing furniture city, harbin yuexing furniture city, jingdezhen kaimenzi shopping plaza, wuhan golden garden, etc. foreign projects covered italy, spain, mexico, colombia, indonesia, saudi arabia, pakistan, egypt, bangladesh, vietnam, kuwait, uae, etc.
the real estate industry is an important component of the national economy. with the implementation of a comprehensive well-to-do society policy in our country, it can be predicted that in the next 10 to 20 years, the prospects for the development of the real estate industry will be very broad.

china's real estate industry is taking off with the support of giantkone.

source: huzhou daily


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