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giantkone elevator co., ltd. 2016 annual conference of employees grandly held

released on:2016-02-08

the passing year of the sheep brought endless joy, the dancing year of the monkey indicates a prosperous future. on the arrival of the new year, giantkone ushered in the exciting annual conference of the 2016 employees! on january 29, employees of giantkone operations and supply line headquarter gathered together for a grand event.

let's join giantkone 2016 annual grant event of employees together!

conference | join hands to press ahead, look forward to a brighter future

the annual conference kicked off with a sand-painting short film describing "giantkone is always there for you."

qian jiang, chairman of the company, delivered an enthusiasm for his speech. he first expressed sincere gratitude and new year's greetings to leaders at all levels, friends from all walks of life, and company employees who have always supported and paid attention to the development of giantkone. in the past year, giantkone still performed well in the tough industrial situation and particularly fierce competition, demonstrating its value in the elevator market and society. in the face of the new and challenging new situation, he also proposed a series of new measures that require us to continue to leverage the advantages of the support of chinese and foreign shareholders and increase the added value of products.

in his speech, jiang wei, executive vice president of kone corporation and president of kone greater china, expressed full recognition and appreciation for the development and progress made by giantkone in 2015. he also emphasized that we should focus on safety and quality in all aspects of our business.

mr. jiang zhenhui, president of giantkone, made a summary of the achievements in 2015. directors of service, installation, and production presented outlook for the development focus and direction of each business sector of the company in the future.

awards presentation | hard work for the joy of harvest today!

the development of the company cannot be separated from the hard work of all frontline employees, they love and respect, proactive, and unity and cooperation. the conference commended 2015 "top ten employees" and "excellent team" and announced the list of outstanding employees and services for five years and ten years.

dinner | appreciation for you, let's cheer together for 2016

mr. xia cheng, district governor of nanxun district, came to the dinner party and delivered a toast. he said in his speech that as a local party committee and government, he will always care about and support the development of giantkone' all-round undertakings and strive to provide "wwhole process, wide coverage and sustainable" service, sparing no efforts in supporting the transformation and upgrading of giantkone to be bigger and stronger.

at the dinner party, joy and happiness were everywhere. we were touched together and laughed together. employees from various departments also prepared a feast to the eye. the songs “monkey king”, “music story” and “auspicious ceremony” were performed in turn. the most expected lucky draw made the event even more exciting with happy surprises.

the time for gathering was always short. on this night, we met together as friends and family. we have been through 2015 hand in hand and will press ahead with great ambition in 2016. we will fear no hardship and courageously march forward. 2016, here we are!


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