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keeping fighting spirits in adversity, pressing ahead with cohesive force

released on:2016-03-11

giantkone elevator co., ltd. 2016 annual marketing conference successfully held

energetic zhuhai, light up the dream; with multipeaked mountains, we press forward with gathered strength.


confluence from all over the country for the same ideal today,


engaging in the common commitment with sincerity.

on march 11, 2016, chairman qian jiang, president jiang zhenhui and other related leaders of giantkone elevator co., ltd. invited leaders of kone greater china, the government, the china elevator association and partners to gather in zhuhai for giantkone 2016 annual marketing conference with the theme of “keeping fighting spirits in adversity, pressing ahead with cohesive force”.


theme conference

qian jiang, chairman of the company, delivered a welcome speech. he said: “thank you for coming here from afar ever year to gather here again at the annual event. thank you for always being there over the years to work together with giantkone, help each other and develop together."

mr. jiang wei, executive vice president of kone corporation, president of kone greater china, and vice chairman of giantkone, emphasized in his speech that we should pay attention to safety and quality in all aspects of our business. this is our high priority. subsequently, he invited the guests to watch the video from mr. henrik ehrnrooth, president and ceo of kone corporation, for the conference.

mr. zhang lexiang, secretary general of china elevator association, represented the industry association and shared with all the guests present about the future development trend and focus of the elevator market.

mr. dong lixin, deputy mayor of huzhou city, delivered a speech as a government representative. in his speech, he mentioned: “in 2015, we hope that giantkone will continue to develop robustly against all odds, continue to lead the nanxun elevator industry with powerful strength, stay at the top of the taxpayer's list, and win the highest honor of industrial enterprises in the city - 'golden elephant' award.”

at the meeting, mr. jiang zhenhui, president of giantkone elevator co., ltd., made an annual key note report and reviewed with everyone the achievements made by giantkone 2015 and raised new expectations for the future development of the company.


awards ceremony


in the past, they were strategic warriors; today, they are heroes returning with fame, and laughter and laughter with the best results in a year. at the awards ceremony, the company established golden elephant awards, golden lion awards, golden horse awards, golden seal awards, and golden eagle awards. the company commended and rewarded its partners with outstanding sales performance in 2015.

new product release


at the new product release conference in the afternoon, mr. ou hailong, director of marketing and communications and ms. tong yali, deputy director of product strategy and marketing, introduced the new products in 2016, respectively. the partners listened carefully, made inquiries in detail and actively participated in the interactive experience to feel every detail of the new product.

theme dinner


with laughter, we made a toast with a cup filled with content, showing long and firm happiness. this was totally a giantkone family party. we enjoyed the happiness at this moment of reunion and passed it on to every family member. at the grand event, songs, dances, sketches and musical instruments carefully prepared by company employees were on show, with incessant climax. handshakes, hugs, memories and photo-taking demonstrated our profound friendship.

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