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giantkone boosts rail transit, to debut in changchun metro line 1

released on:2016-04-10

recently, giantkone successfully obtained the procurement and installation of escalator equipment for the changchun metro line 1. this is the joint effort of giantkone and the changchun rail transit system after the changchun light rail. changchun metro line 1 will purchase 124 escalators from giantkone. the project started construction in april 2011 and is expected to start test run by the end of september 2016.

with the acceleration of urbanization and the continuous growth of the urban population, the advantages of the rail transit system are increasingly apparent. the subway has become the preferred mode of travel for many citizens. changchun metro line 1 runs through the north-south direction and runs through the wide urban areas and chaoyang district. it passes through changchun railway station, people's square, northeast normal university and other large-scale passenger flow distribution sites, as the large-capacity backbone line in the changchun line network. with a total of 16 sites and a total length of 18.5 kilometers, it is an important people’s livelihood project in changchun city.

giantkone is always concerned about the development of the city and also focuses on the changes in the environment. we are committed to providing users with safe, reliable, fast and convenient transport solutions. in recent years, titan has increased its investment in r&d and production in the public transport sector. giantkone public transport escalator selected this time is a well-established control technology that is carefully designed and tailored to meet the needs of public transportation. with more than 30 safety guarantee measures and functions, we can fully protect the safety of passengers and respond intelligently and effectively to peak passenger flow.

giantkone will work relentlessly to activate city energy and provide our customers with the safest and most reliable transport equipment and services.

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