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giantkone 2016 “giant happiness, enjoy happy time” family day event ended warmly

released on:2016-06-06

home is an invisible silk thread that connects the caring heart;

home is a beautiful flower that exudes rich fragrance;

home is a warm picture that has dazzling colors;

home is a harmonious movement that plays pleasant music notes;

here is a joyous ode to the most intimate family.

on june 5, giantkone supply line factory has become a paradise for children.

at the beginning of the event, the company’s director of marketing and communications, mr. ou hailong, extended a warm welcome to parents and children participating in the “family day” event on behalf of the company.

we divided more than 50 families into five teams, i.e. red, yellow, purple, blue and orange teams. the children visited their parents’ workplaces. there were also favorite cartoon dolls on the way to teach them elevator safety knowledge.

in the happily “giantkone” tour, the children climbed the test tower to see the panorama of the city where we lived. the painting area was also arranged on site, and the children focused on the theme of “i love my family” to create painting work with free imagination.


baking session was also the favorite of children. parents and children baked the flavor of love together and shared quality family time.

the arts and entertainment and parent-child interactions further pushed the atmosphere of the activities to the climax. talented kids brought wonderful performances.

the parent-child games such as "which floor the elevator landed" "two people three feet" and "having cake" enliven the atmosphere onsite with incessant cheers. big hands of parents holding the little hands of kids, the scene was exciting and warm.

the development of giantkone cannot be separated from the strong support of our staff and family. the warmth of the family day activity allowed employees’ children to learn more about their parents’ work and provided employees and families with a platform to enjoy family love and fun. this has also become an indispensable part of the corporate culture construction.


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