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giantkone test center successfully ranked among national laboratories

released on:2016-08-22

recently, giantkone (hereinafter referred to as "gk" for short) r & d team had good news. the test center of the company successfully passed the china national accreditation board for conformity assessment of the audit assessment, one step among the ranks of national laboratories.

the china national accreditation service for conformity assessment (cnas), which was approved by the national certification and accreditation administration and approved by the national certification and accreditation administration, is currently the only domestic organization that is qualified to issue internationally recognized laboratories.

giantkone test center covers a total area of ​​900 square meters, with archive room, sample room, safety laboratory, emc laboratory and salt spray laboratory, etc. it can be divided into the environmental test area, the reliability test area and the traction machine test area.


in recent years, the testing center has continuously improved the laboratory management system and improved the detection level. in the meantime, it has introduced various types of high-precision professional testing equipment in terms of hardware facilities. it can conduct tests on high temperature, low temperature, alternating humidity, salt spray and other electrical and electronic products, as well as technical parameters such as pressure resistance, insulation, electric power, leakage current, and grounding resistance of electronic components.

the test center is equipped with a team of professionals with various professional skills. among them, the elevator cable bending tester, the escalator roller life tester, and the door barrier test device in the laboratory are all designed and patented by the test engineer.

giantkone has obtained the cnas laboratory accreditation certificate and successfully entered the ranks of national laboratories. it not only means that the test center can provide authoritative and impartial inspection services for products, but also marks that the test center's detection technology and management capabilities have reached the domestic first-class level. this will provide strong technical support for giantkone's new product development, manufacturing, and market expansion.

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