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kone global safety leader visited giantkone

released on:2016-09-07

recently, mr. mikko korte, executive vice president of global operations development at kone, visited giantkone. in the morning, accompanied by jiang zhenhui, ceo of giantkone, dai bifeng, director of maintenance, and zhu fang, deputy director of environmental health and safety, he visited the maintenance and installation site of two residential communities in shanghai.

after checking the project management and site supervision at the installation site, mikko korte confirmed the situation of giantkone’s on-site project management and maintenance.

the on-site maintenance personnel skillfully operated the maintenance process and standardized the operation of the top and bottom car entrances. he reminded maintenance personnel that as there were many third-party personnel in residential buildings, the situation was complicated and special attention should be paid to the safety of shafts to prevent entry of third-party personnel. the door of machine room must be closed, and personnel must close it promptly after entrance/exit. each of his detailed suggestions showed the ubiquitous safety concept and safety responsibility of kone corporation.

at the same time, mikko korte also expected that we would continue to pay attention to safety and made the safety concept “safety is the business of every individual” and “safety is no small matter” deeply rooted in our minds to carry out safety work habitually and remind colleagues and partners around us regularly.


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